July 6 – 12, 2024


Avalon is a destination of the Soul.

This is a Journey to Remember Who We Are.
To Retrieve and Anchor key information for our lives at this crucial planetary moment.

A Journey to ignite our Heart and Consciousness,
shedding old skins that have become too tight,
and allowing us to radiate our True Essence.

Glastonbury is Land of Mysticism, Magic, and Legend.
With powerful energy lines and sacred springs.
A unique place of transformation and empowerment, where the veils separating us from subtle realms are so thin that our worlds touch all the time.

This area of England is energetically the heart chakra of the planet.

A multitude of telluric lines called Ley Lines cross this land in all directions like rivers of planetary energy.

Avalon is an Etheric Realm that exists in a higher dimension than ours.
It holds the Christ Consciousness, a vibration of love, compassion, joy, transparency, bliss…



Glastonbury: Chalice Well Gardens, Tor Hill, the Abbey, the White Spring,
the Chapel of Mary Magdalene, St. John’s Labyrinth, Hawthorn Hill.

Stonehenge Stone Circle and Avebury Stone Circle, West Kennet Long
Barrow, and any Crop Circle that appears in the area and is permitted for

Cornwall: St. Nectans Glen Forest and Waterfalls, Tintagel Castle, Merlin’s
Cave, and the village of Tintagel.



✧ We will unveil the veil of Avalon to learn the story behind the story, the purpose and work of Jesus, Mary Magdalene… the Essene wisdom and the service of the White Dragons, of Merlin, Morgana, Arthur, and Guinevere, of the Druids and Priestesses.

✧ You will walk through Power Places, Temples, ancient Stone Circles, Caves, Waterfalls, and Forests guarded by devas and elementals…

✧ You will recover key information for your life in this unique planetary moment.
We will connect with the Brotherhood of the Rose, and with Masters and Mistresses of Light from Avalon.

✧ You will deeply connect with the Red and White Waters. You will drink from the sacred wells and immerse yourself in the White Spring, if you so desire.

✧ In each place, you will reconnect with the energetic “information” that the space provides, feeling it in your body and recalibrating your DNA.

✧ We will decipher the symbolism and magic behind the stones.

✧ We will employ the Medicine of the Rose, of Song, of the Gaze from the

✧ We will allow Beauty to envelop and restore us.

✧ We will expand our consciousness with visualizations and Immramas (Celtic shamanic journey) in the power places.

✧ An Initiatory Journey in which we will share Wisdom, Powerful Practices, Circles, and Word Wheels…

✧ You will learn valuable information and tools that will open your mind and heart, catalyzing a profound transformation, anchoring this energy in your Soul and Cells.

  • 6 nights of Accommodation, in B&Bs and Houses*, in the center of Glastonbury in a shared room.
  • All Entrance Fees to Monuments and Power Places.
  • All Classes, Ceremonies, and Daily Activations.
  • Private visit and ceremony inside the Inner Circle of Stonehenge.
  • Private access to the Chapel of Mary Magdalene for a group ceremony.
  • Pickup from the Airport to Glastonbury and transfer from Glastonbury to the Airport by private bus.
  • Private bus to Stonehenge, Avebury, West Kennet, and Crop Circles (if any on the scheduled date).
  • Private bus to St. Nectans Glen, Arthur’s Castle, Merlin’s Cave, and the village of Tintagel (Cornwall).
  • Online Workshop – the week before the trip (date to be determined): Welcome and Group Meeting. Here, we will start our journey.
  • 2 guides accompanying the group permanently with total commitment of body, soul, and heart.
  • We will also have the collaboration of Manel Nalu as a channel.

All accommodations are in the same Glastonbury, to truly enjoy the town. To make this possible, this time we have reserved Entire Houses + Rooms in B&B.

The Houses offer the possibility of cooking. This benefits individuals with greater sensitivity to dietary issues, allowing them to eat healthily.

Rooms in B&Bs do not have a kitchen, but breakfast is included.

We will allocate the rooms in the order of arrival. We will facilitate, as much aspossible, if there is a personal preference on the matter.

Single room:
Supplement of €350
(we have a limited number of rooms available for this option. If you want one, please request it as soon as possible).

  • Airfare
  • Lunches/dinners
  • Breakfasts (unless you stay in a B&B)
  • Travel insurance (if you want to purchase one, the agency can arrange it)
  • Other personal expenses
  • €1495 if you register before April 15
  • €1595 if you register before June 30

The reservation is made with a deposit of €495, which guarantees your spot on this trip.
Once you register, you will receive a Welcome email with additional information for our journey.

The second payment of €500 will be due on April 15.

The final amount will be paid in cash in Glastonbury at the beginning of the trip.
€500 if you registered before April 15
€600 if you registered on or after April 15.

Payments are non-refundable in case of cancellation as they will have been used for the prepayment of all contracted services (accommodation, bus rental, tickets, etc.).
A refund will only be issued if, for some force majeure reason, the trip is canceled by the organizers.
Note: All activities will be guided in Spanish.” All activities will be guided in Spanish.”

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