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Sebastian Yatra


With his warm blend of romantic balladry, Latin pop, and reggaeton, singer/songwriter Sebastián Yatra first found success as a 19-year-old when his 2013 single, “El Psicólogo” became a hit in his native Colombia and around Latin America. Three years later, the reggaeton/EDM hit “Traicionera” further established him as a Latin pop star, paving the way for his Latin Grammy-nominated 2018 debut, Mantra. He topped the charts again with 2020’s Fantasia before releasing 2022’s Dharma, the latter of which featured the Latin Grammy-nominated single “Adios.”

Carlos Vives


Having sold over 30 million records worldwide, Vives is one of the best-selling Latin music artists of all time. He is regarded as one of the most influential artists in the world. Vives was selected as #45 on both the Greatest of All Time Latin Artists.

Matías De Stefano


His life is full of fantastic milestones, which interested the Latin American division of the Disney company. A documentary with his travels around the world came to the cinema and was released in theaters in the United States and Argentina. In December it was included in the grid of the National Geographic signal. De Stefano travels the world to give talks, conferences and workshops.

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